Welcome to the Aghadowey Presbyterian Church Sunday School page.

We will update this page with resources and activities to complete while Sunday School is unable to take place in our church building.

Creation Craft

Let's remember the creation story with this craft from:
See below for instructions

1. What we need

Template - see above
White card/paper
Colouring pencils/pens
Hole punch

2. Colouring & Cutting

Colour in each of the circles and carefully cut them out.

3. Folding & Sticking

Fold each of the circles in half vertically.
Now starting with the title circle, fold it in half. Add glue to the backside of the title circle that is exposed and stick on the left half of Day 1.  
Repeat this step by adding glue to the backside of Day 1 and sticking the left half of Day 2 onto it. 
Follow this pattern until you used up all the circles.

4. Add the string

Once they are all glued together, you should have an opening between day 7 and the title circle. Add glue to the back of both halves and place a piece of string in the middle. Now press together to seal Day 7 to the title page and secure the string.
Finally, tie a loop to the top of the string for hanging and a knot at the bottom to make sure it’s secure.

Adam & Eve

Watch this video on Genesis 3 v 1-24

Word Search

Put your skills to the test and complete this Adam & Eve wordsearch.

Colouring Sheet

Get creative and colour in this image of Adam & Eve


Since everyone loved the Sunday School live quizzes, try this one!
Complete by 31st October when the leader will be announced on the website!